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Ancient Microbes: Cellular Agriculture

Ancient microbes are our new
food factories

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It's a Fermentation Process like Beer but Different: Precision Fermentation

In a process known as fermentation. We humans have been using it for thousands of years - from making bread to beer to yoghurt. We’re taking it to the next level, to produce proteins.

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Some familiar fermentation systems need large quantities of sugars to flourish. Our microbes just ask for a little warmth and plenty of CO  , something we are not short of.


Our Microbes Do Not Need Large Quantites of Sugar - Only Warmth and CO2 to Produce Climate Positive Proteins

So how do we do it?

Optimise our microbial strains for peak performance.

Optimising Microbial Strains: Cellular Agriculture

Let them loose in our bioreactors with ample CO  and nutrients to multiply and produce lots of nutritious proteins. 


Using Microbrial Strains and CO2 Our Bioreactors Produce Nutritious Climate Positive Proteins

Filter and dry to produce protein ingredients which will then go into making nutritious food and feed.

Filter and Dry Proteins to Produce Protein Ingredients for Making Nutritious and Sustainable food and feed

The Future of Food Powered
By Jooules

Nutrition packed for vitality and health

Versatile climate positive protein ingredients for a sustainable future

High protein concentration over 60%

High impact source of important nutrients

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