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We create climate positive proteins from carbon dioxide

Jooules is Building a Sustainable Future where Everyone can Thrive within our Planet's Boundaries

We're building a future where everyone can thrive within our planet's boundaries.

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Delicious Food: Sustainable Alt-Proteins for Food and Feed

Food for Us

Proteins are an essential part of our diet. Many of the foods we consume are based on proteins sourced from animals. High quality, sustainable proteins are now possible without the involvement of animals. 

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Food for Our Pets

Our pets need high quality and tasty nutrition too. Proteins are an essential part of their diet. High-quality, animal-free and sustainable protein ingredients become a reality with Jooules.

Happy Dogs: Alt-Protein Perfect for Pets
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Aquaculture: Feed from Sustainable SCP

Feed for Aquaculture

Aquaculture is a substantial source of nutrition for us all. Breaking the bond between wild caught fish and aquaculture feed is important. Essential proteins produced from CO   is a big step in the right direction to enabling sustainable aquaculture.


Making a Whole World of Difference

Sustainable Food for a Healthier Planet Earth
A Climate Resilient Food Chain
Highly Nutritious Protein for Balanced Nutrition

Sustainable and Ethical

We turn greenhouse gas emissions into protein ingredients. The process is animal-free, it doesn’t need arable land and its climate positive.

Secure and Resilient

Without reliance on crops or agriculture we can produce protein ingredients whatever the climate throws at us. Not needing vast areas of arable land means we can locate closer to where food is actually needed.

High Nutritional Content Ingredients

Nutritional quality is important. We produce complete proteins. They contain all 9 essential amino acids, vital for balanced nutrition. 

Want to help us build a greener and healthier future?

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