About us

How Jooules came to be and the people who make it possible.

Our vision

To unlock protein potential to enable a future where food production is our climate’s solution by delivering highly nutritional, scalable, and ethical protein ingredients to global food producers.

How it began

Jooules emerged in 2021 from discussions on how to address sustainability challenges within the food sector while meeting the demands of a growing global population. Exploring various avenues such as precision fermentation, we eventually uncovered a more efficient method of protein production leveraging bioscience by utilising microbes and gaseous fermentation.

In the lab

Following successful laboratory trials, where ancient hydrothermal microbes thrived on a CO2 diet, we recognised the potential to scale production, yielding vast quantities of ethically sourced and functionally superior protein ingredients at a fraction of the input and economic cost compared to traditional methods.

Middle earth

Established amidst one of the world's most sustainable agricultural landscapes, New Zealand, Jooules strategically leverages the nation's expertise in food and agriculture. Collaborations with leading universities and institutions such as SCION, located in Rotorua, enable us to refine our technology within cutting-edge scientific facilities.

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