Our protein

We produce protein that’s ethical, scalable and potentially unlimited, providing a long-term solution to the urgent need for sustainable and ethical proteins to meet the growing demand.

Food without limits

The world's population is projected to increase to nearly 10 billion by 2025, putting significant pressure on food production systems. We urgently need a new and sustainable protein source to meet the growing demand. Continuing to rely on crops and animal agriculture is not a viable option.

It’s important to produce protein in a sustainable manner, without increasing carbon emissions, or adding further pressure to our finite and precious resources of land and water.

Crowd in a city. We urgently need a new and sustainable protein source to meet the growing demand | Jooules

Sustainable and ethical protein ingredients

Using Jooules’ single-cell-protein (SCP) will ensure a resilient supply of protein ingredients regardless of the challenges presented by either climate change or food supply chain disruption. Our protein is carbon positive, meaning that we do not contribute to increasing greenhouse gas emissions, but actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Better for everyone and for our planet

We can be a major contributor to the reduction of scope 3 emissions for food manufacturers seeking ways to reduce their emissions profile from protein ingredients suppliers.

Essential nutrition

Protein is an essential nutrient for human and companion animal health. Jooules' single-cell-protein (SCP) is a highly nutritious combination of over 70% pure protein along with lipids and other important nutritional molecules.

Our protein contains all nine essential amino acids and meets the UNFAO and the World Health Organisation benchmarks for complete proteins.

It's suitable for all human and companion animal diets, providing an alternative protein dense source of nutrition that promotes sustainability and supports diverse dietary needs.  

Hornless red cows in pasture. Ethical protein ingredients that are animal-free | Jooules


Splash of milk. Ethical protein ingredients that are dairy-free | Jooules


Wheat field. Ethical protein ingredients that are gluten-free | Jooules