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 Sustainable low impact food production is now possible 

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With the power of microbes and fermentation we can deliver a much better outcome for everyone
and the planet...

Microbes and Fermentation: Offers a much Better Outcome for Everyone and the Planet

0% CO 


Creating protein ingredients from CO   emissions makes us climate positive. Better still, a kilogram of our proteins could mean a kilogram of animal proteins not consumed. That’s a massive CO   emission reduction.  



0.01% Water

We use as little as 0.01% of the water conventional agriculture does to produce protein. In the case of beef production that means up to 600 times less water.

99% Less Land

We don’t need any arable land to produce our protein ingredients. That’s great news, because according to UN estimates livestock already occupies 40% of earth’s habitable land.

No Animals

Our process for creating proteins from CO   breaks the immutable bond between animal agriculture and protein production that has existed for millennia. Animals play no part in our process. The land they occupy can be given back to nature. 


No Crops

Our microbes make proteins from

CO   . Unlike animals they don’t need to be fed vast quantities of crops such as corn and soy to do this. Avoid the need for crops and the need for the related arable land, water and fertilisers. It’s a much better outcome for the planet.


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